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With Hot Spring, you can count on quality that is made to last. Hot Spring sells more hot tubs than any brand worldwide. They are committed to standing behind their products and their customers, for which their customers have rewarded them with the highest customer loyalty in the industry. Here are just a few things that make Hot Spring different.

Cleaner water made easy
Crystal clear water is central to a great hot tub experience. Hot Spring’s unique water care and filtration systems provide exclusive features that help your hot tub maintain sparkling clean water, with as little effort as possible. Simply put, Hot Springs offers the best filtration system in the spa industry!

Soothing Massages
Hot Spring’s innovative patented jets are designed for specific muscle groups, and deliver powerful streams of water that can be customized to your desired pressure. Their unique patented Moto Massage jet delivers two powerful streams of warm water that move up and down the length of your back… your back never felt so good!

Stunning Visual Design
In 2015 Hot Spring partnered with Designworks, a BMW group company, to redesign their signature Highlife spa collection. They meticulously refined and enhanced both form and function to create a look and feel like no other in the industry.
The Hot Spring Spa-Stone surround (available on limited models) is another example of the artistic-creative nature of this company. Other companies have attempted to replicate this unique faux-stone façade, but none have come close.

Jacuzzi is truly one of America’s iconic brands. Jacuzzi, is the name that has defined and continues to redefine the hot tub experience. For over 60 years, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs has set the standard by which all hot tubs are measured. Here are just a few of the Jacuzzi differences.

Research and Innovation
Jacuzzi’s dedication to research and innovation has truly transformed the hot tub industry. With hundreds of patents on everything from hydrotherapy jets to custom spa controls to ergonomic seat designs, one might think that Jacuzzi might be tempted to rest on their laurels. Jacuzzi continues to push the envelope in hot tub innovation, with the goal of finding new ways to refresh and rejuvenate you in inspiring ways.

Jacuzzi Jetting
Not all hot tub jets are created equal. Jacuzzi jets are truly in a class of their own. From high-volume/low-pressure jets, to customizable pulsating jets, a full body massage in a Jacuzzi hot tub is truly a heavenly experience!

Innovative Designs
From cascading waterfalls with stunning fiber optic lighting, to sleek-modern curve designs, Jacuzzi hot tubs are packed with ground-breaking features that are a sight to behold and a pleasure to experience!

Quality Control
Rivaled only by Hot Spring in the arena of quality control, Jacuzzi’s strict adherence to high quality control standards are evident in the flawless appearance of every Jacuzzi spa that comes off the state-of-the-art Jacuzzi assembly line. Even a difficult to spot, minor imperfection in the acrylic molding, will relegate a slightly blemished Jacuzzi spa coming off the assembly line to “Red Tag” status. These spas are sold at a discount, and often represent an amazing value to the astute buyer.

When it comes to leisure and entertainment, no other spa company delivers more bang for your buck! With 5 brands under one umbrella, Maax industries has full featured spas and swim spas to fit most budgets. Here are a few noteworthy features you will find in Maax family of spas.

Built to Last
Several of Maax Industries spa lines feature upgrades such as steel frame sub structures and molded weather proof bases. All Maax spa lines feature BluMaax insulation that fully protects the equipment and plumbing from potential freeze damage. By sourcing only reliable high quality components, Maax is known for building spas that last, and require far fewer repairs than the industry average.

Easy to Service
For do-it-yourselfers, Maax spas offers the added benefit of being one of the easiest spas to work on. Plumbing leaks, though few and far between, are easy to access and repair. On average, there is more room “under the hood” to work on most Maax spa models than there is on other hot tub brands. Easy to service translates into a lower cost of ownership, an important benefit that should not be overlooked in the hot tub buying process.

Bluetooth Surround
Step aside Bose! You won’t believe the amazing sound that emanates from the awesome sound system featured on all 5 Maax spa brands! Though technically not a surround sound system, close your eyes and you won’t know the difference. The large subwoofer hidden inside the spa cabinet delivers a solid bass that enhances the sound from the high output speakers. This sound system truly rivals the quality found in other high end brands, at a fraction of the cost.

Power Pool by Maax offers Swim Spas which combine fitness, relaxation and the healing power of hydrotherapy all in one. You can transform your own backyard into an oasis with the benefits of a swimming pool, a hot tub and a gym, all for the fraction of the cost of a conventional in-ground swimming pool. If you have ever enjoyed the experience of owning a pool, you will also appreciate how much easier it is to maintain your swim spa than it is to maintain the average pool.

Power Pool Swim Spas are built to stand the test of time. The Power Pool steel frame, the Thermo-Lock sound dampening and heat energy management system, the superior ozone and UV water sanitation systems and top of the line blue tooth top-side controller are some of the reasons why Power Pool by Maax stands out as one of the best value Swim spa lines in the industry. Power Pools also offer a five year parts and labor warranty on all its major components. Add to this the benefit of having local, experienced Amazon hot tub technicians to take care of all your warranty needs, and you can be assured that a Power Pool is your best all-around choice for a fitness/swim spa.  Visit our showroom to check them out, we think you’ll be impressed!


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