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You will not get price transparency.

They do not show the price on the hot tubs for a reason. They employ the used car salesman approach... they try to get a feel for how much you might be willing to pay so that they can squeeze the last possible dollar out of each sale. The same model of spa that they sell to one of their customers for $8,000, they might just sell to the next for $6,000.

At Amazon Hot Tubs, we believe in no hassle, no haggle, full price transparency. We post our Lowest Price in Texas guarantee on every spa.

Beware of fake “SOLD” signs.

Before the show doors opens to the first shoppers, the show coordinator posts sold signs on several hot tubs to create the impression that the spas are selling fast. They do this to create a sense of urgency which is followed by the pressure close: “buy now before the best deals are gone.”

At Amazon Hot Tubs, we don’t post fake sold signs.

These guys are not local.
They’re here today, gone tomorrow.

Salesmen at travelling shows will commonly drop the name of a few local contractors to make it sound like they will provide local customer support after the sale. Unfortunately, we get calls all the time from people who bought from one of these traveling hot tub shows complaining that they can’t get help.

At Amazon Hot Tubs, is a local business, serving as the largest hot tub dealer in West Texas for nearly 20 years. We’ve been there for our customers through the years, and we will be here for many more to help you take care of any and all of your hot tub needs.

What happened to the service you were promised?

We have heard horror stories from customers whose spas broke down after they made a purchase from one of these travelling shows. Many of these customers had to wait for months before they could get someone to come and make the necessary repairs. In some cases, the customers were mailed parts and told to fix the problem themselves. Others have told us that they had to pay money out of pocket to fix problems that should have been covered under warranty.

At Amazon Hot Tubs, you can count on our factory-trained technicians to service your hot tub and keep it running smoothly whenever you need us.

Beware of fake discounts.

We all like to save big when possible, right? Every slick salesman knows that the oldest trick in the book is often the one that gets people to open their wallets the quickest: Save 50%-70% this weekend only! Their job is to convince you that you are saving big since they are “the one and only true factory direct” show in the world! Customers that visit our store after having purchased from one of these “Super Duper Spa Shows” are flabbergasted to find that they could have purchased a better quality, name brand spa from Amazon Hot Tubs for less than they paid at the show; quality brands like Jacuzzi®, Hot Spring®, and American Whirlpool®, just to name a few.

At Amazon Hot Tubs, we give real discounts and savings, without trying to mislead you with false savings.

Understand the paid-by-commission
conflict of interest.

You might or might not want or need a hot tub with all the bells and whistles that can come with it, but one thing you can be sure of is that a commission salesman will try to squeeze as many dollars out of your pocket as possible: it’s how they get paid!

At Amazon Hot Tubs, we don’t do work on commission. Our associates are here to help, not to upsell. Whether it’s the $2,995 spa or the best-of-the-best Luxury hot tub, it is our goal to help guide you through the decision-making process so that you can find the best spa for you and your family!

Accessories? What Accessories?

There are a number of very important accessories that you might want or need to make your spa ownership experience more safe and enjoyable. The salesmen at the Horseshoe Arena won’t even mention these since many of these accessories require a trained installer to set up, which is something they don’t have. For example, the first time you use your new tub and try to remove its bulky 7’x7’ cover, you will quickly understand the value of a hydraulic cover lifter: a device that makes it a breeze to open and close your cover. For people with mobility, stability, or flexibility issues, getting in and out of a spa without a safety handrail can be challenging and dangerous.

At Amazon Hot Tubs, we help you find the right accessories for you and your family’s needs and offer free professional installation of all accessories with the purchase of one our spas.

Chemical-Free Spas... Really?

Check with the Texas Health Department or the State Attorney General to see what they make of this claim. Again, we have heard horror stories of people whose spouse or kids ended up in the hospital because they believed the chemical-free story told by other vendors.

At Amazon Hot Tubs, our spa technicians take the time to teach you how to maintain safe, crystal clear water using one of our low-chlorine or non-chlorine sanitation systems, and we are always ready to answer any questions you may have about keeping your water in great shape.

Where did my “new best friend” go?

Chances are, once you leave a local show event, you will never again hear from the spa show guy that just sold you that overpriced spa.

At Amazon Hot Tubs, our customers become our friends. Talk to any of the thousands of customers that have purchased a spa from us over these past 20 years and they will tell you that we treat everyone like family! We believe in the golden rule and treat everyone with the same respect and dignity that we extend to our many wonderful customers and friends.

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