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Delivery and Installation Services…

Unlike other hot tub sellers that cut corners and expect for you to do the heavy lifting, Amazon Backyards doesn’t do curbside hot tub delivery! We won’t drop the hot tub in your driveway and ask you to figure out how to get that 1,000-pound baby into the backyard. Instead, we use our specially designed equipment and our trained delivery crews to safely move your spa from our showroom to your backyard. There are plenty of horror stories of homeowners getting injured or damaging their new hot tub or property when they attempted to handle a hot tub that was delivered curbside. So when it comes to delivering, moving or relocating your spa, you can count on our team of professionals to get the job done right!


Installation and In-Home Orientation Services

When you purchase a hot tub or swim spa from us, we offer the following professional delivery, installation, and in-home orientation services: (Note: Most people don’t realize until it’s too late that when you purchase a spa online or from one of the big box stores they do not provide any of the following services. In other words, you are on your own, or you will need to hire a full-service company like ours to provide these services– usually at a cost of $1,000 or more)

  1. We start by placing the spa in the exact place and position that choose.
  2. We assemble and install all the accessories that you purchased for your hot tub.
  3. Once your electrician has completed the final connection, we turn your spa on and test the electrical connection for proper voltage and grounding (for your safety and the protection of your investment)
  4. We program the filtration cycles, set the temperature to your desired setting, and check to make sure that all hot tub functions are working properly.
  5. We balance your water PH/Alkalinity, install filters and mineral sanitizer cartridge, and add proper level of sanitizer.
  6. We provide in-home orientation to teach you how to operate your hot tub and share tips on how to easily maintain proper water chemistry.
  7. Provide ongoing free-of-charge technical support by phone or at any one of our store locations.



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