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With decades of experience, our team members have seen and worked on nearly every hot tub brand on the market, including many brands that are no longer in business. Through experience, we have learned to distinguish the quality-built brands from the flashy traveling-show and internet brands that cut corners. Based on this experience, we have selected to represent only the brands that score highest the following categories: The hot tub manufacturer’s with the highest quality control standards; The hot tub brand’s that are committed to customer satisfaction and customer service; The hot tub companies with solid credit ratings and financial stability; The hot tub companies that have shown a commitment to product innovation through ongoing investment in R&D. In short, we have completed the “Best Brands to Buy” research for you. So, you could say that the brands we represent have passed the “friends and family smell test” …We won’t sell you a hot tub that we wouldn’t be proud to put in our best friend’s or favorite family members backyard!

Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes, from the smallest two-person tubs to the largest swim spas. The space requirements for your hot tub will also be determined by the type of accessories you choose for your hot tub (for example, steps, cover lift mechanisms etc.). When you visit one of our hot tub learning centers, we will gladly help you ask the pertinent questions that will help you determine what size spa will best fit your needs and designated space. We will be happy to provide measurements for the tubs and accessories you are interested in.

We offer showroom-to-backyard delivery on all hot tubs that we sell. We can also use our specialized hot tub delivery equipment to quickly and safely move your hot tub from one home to another should you ever decide to move.

We also move a few hot tubs brands that we don’t sell, but this is decided on a case-by-case basis. The brands we sell are built-to-last and are truly portable and moveable. Unfortunately, many of the new discount brands that are sold today are not built to last, and therefore we will not attempt to move your hot tub if we think there is a high probability that your hot tub will sustain structural damage when moved. Likewise, we will not attempt to move your hot tub if we think it could pose a danger to our crew, our equipment or your property.

We have factory trained, certified technicians that service all the hot tub brands that we sell, including Jacuzzi, Hot Springs, HotSpot, Vita, American Whirlpool, and Artesian Elite, Island, South Seas and Garden Spas. We also service the Swim Spa lines we sell or have sold in the past, including Endless Pools, Power Pools and TidalFit Swim Spas . We are also an authorized service center for a few select brands that we don’t sell, such as Bullfrog hot tubs and Sundance Spas. We do not sell or service indoor jetted bathtubs, these are installed and serviced by local licensed plumbing companies.

Unfortunately, it is often very difficult or very expensive to find a company that will service brands such as Master Spas, Barefoot Hot Tubs, American Spas, Lifemart, Dr Wellness or even spas purchased online from reputable companies such as Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, or Wayfair. No one in West Texas stocks parts for any of the spa brands sold by these companies, and none of these companies have factory trained and certified technician’s that can service these spas in West Texas.

Research has shown that hot tubs offer many health benefits. In Texas, hot tubs are treated as a medical device when your doctor or chiropractor writes you a prescription for a hot tub. (See the many Health Benefits of owning your own hot tub). If you get a prescription, you will not be charged sales tax on the purchase of your hot tub.


Where can I put my new hot tub? Hot tubs should be placed on a flat firm surface such as concrete, a well-built wood deck or a SmartDeck (Learn more about SmartDeck). A well-prepared base of gravel or pavers can also be a good option for your hot tub. Many of our customers find a place for their hot tub on their back porch.

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