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Staverden Castle Peacock on an Urn Garden Statues

White peacocks have been kept at the Netherlands' Staverden Castle since the year 1400 when the Duke of Gueire lent his lavish forest home only under the condition that it still keeps white peacocks to provide feathers for his helmet. The peacock feathers are now presented annually to the Commissioner of the Queen in Gelderland. Sculpted atop a gloriously arched urn, our proud peacock statue was sculpted almost a yard high and cast in quality designer resin in an antique stone finish. Available in two sizes.

Rhiannon the Archer Garden Fairy Statue

In a classic sculptural pose, this traditional work of European garden art depicts a beautiful archer drawing back to let her arrow fly. With amazingly detailed wings unfurled to reveal their beauty, this over four-foot-tall masterpiece lifts her delicate chin skyward. This piece is impressively sculpted and finished in two-tone quality designer resin as an instant heirloom for any artistic home or garden gallery.

Three's a Crowd Stacked Turtle Statues

Big, bigger, biggest! Choose our giant sized stack of turtles or their smaller cousins to add love, luck and three times the blessing to your garden, pond or pool! So realistically sculpted that they are likely to be mistaken for their living, breathing aquatic namesakes, this decorative outdoor garden art is cast in quality designer resin and painstakingly hand-painted. Not just along for the tropical ride, our exotic turtle statues lift their reptile heads to crawl into a place of honor in your home or garden gallery.

Velociraptor, Jurassic-sized Dinosaur Statue

Even if he wasn't 5-feet tall and coined by a name that means speedy thief, we're guessing this muscular menace on two legs would still be hard to catch! Our Jurassic-sized, meat-eating prehistoric replica dinosaur statue is realistically sculpted with terrifying teeth, retracted foot claws and an S-shaped neck, then cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted with powerfully convincing color and texture as faithful to the ancient species as possible. This large-scale, display-quality sculpture transforms any home, garden, restaurant or hotel into something truly magnificent!

Versailles Cherub Urn & Plinth

Replicating the grand design of the court of Versailles, this stunning piece is an artistic, grand-scale, architectural element. Fraught with exquisite detail from its pondering cherubs to the fluted columnar stand and stately plinth, it is just as breathtaking displayed alone as filled with your lush greenery. Cast in quality designer resin for year-round display in home or garden, this over 4½-foot-tall, masterpiece boasts an exquisite faux stone finish.

Boy on Dolphin Classical Garden Statue

“Some of the greatest minds on earth live in the seas.” Celebrate our dolphin friends with the classical Italian styling of this almost yard-tall masterwork. History is awash with ancient tales like that of a dolphin who grieved himself to death when his young charge met an untimely demise, to the visual reminders at Pompeii of dolphins who rescued Cupid from an sea monster. The chubby fellow in this piece is astride a classically sculpted fish with wide lips and feathered tail. Each statue is individually cast in quality designer resin with an elegant, faux stone finish for home or garden display. A pair flanking a doorway or near a pool or water feature make a striking centerpiece!

The Doves of St. Mark's Square Sculpture

Memories of children who gleefully feed the flocks of birds in Venice's beloved St. Mark's Square will rush to mind when you spy this exquisitely detailed sculpture. Nearly four feet tall, our life-size designer resin child offers seeds to three eagerly waiting plump doves. Crafted from designer resin and finished to replicate aged marble, this impressive sculpture will be a focal point in home or garden.

Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue

This realistic monkey statue will prompt your guests to do a doubletake! Hanging by a single arm, our chimpanzee sculpture is cast in quality designer resin to capture details such as its smiling eyes, then exquisitely hand-painted to showcase characteristic markings and soft fur. Our jungle chimpanzee sculpture swings from your trees to keep guests talking and maybe even going "a little ape." This display-quality chimp statue transforms any home, garden, restaurant or hotel into something truly fun and fabulous!

The Meerkat Gang Sculpture

We've little doubt why meerkats recently became beloved screen stars - they're adorable! This gang of meerkats were sculpted at over two feet tall, from their characteristic meerkat sentry stance to their long thin tails, this charming meerkat statue is sure to turn heads in your home or garden! This fun-loving work of decorative art is sculpted 360-degrees, cast in quality designer-resin, and hand-painted to replicate the meerkats glistening eyes and precious expressions.

Peacock Plumage Garden Statue

Knowing that Mother Nature pulled out all the stops when designing the peacock, this piece does its best to mirror the peacock s actual feathers that each house microscopic, light-reflecting, crystal-like structures. Fanning a showy, two-foot wide, panoramic plumage of emerald green, tantalizing teal and cobalt blue feathers, our own peacock statue makes an absolute show-stopping outdoor centerpiece. Cast in quality designer resin from cockscomb to tail feathers, this aviary animal statue is hand painted in jewel tones that ensure your garden won't soon be forgotten.

Pink Flamingo Garden Statues: Luau Larry & Flamingo Frank

The king of lawn ornament kitsch and an icon of pop culture, our foot-and-a-half tall tropical pink flamingo statue smiles from beneath his cooler-than-you sunglasses for a riotous bit of South Seas fun! Whether you station our Pink Flamingo statues as a hot tub or pool companion or give this take-notice sculpture a spot next to the patio grill, their hand-painted, sun-splashed colors and jovial manner will make them everyone's favorite Pink 

The Pine Barrens Giant Garden Tree Frog Statue

Add playful ambiance to your garden or pond with this delightful, giant garden frog statue. Even if you can't hear him croak, the Pine Barrens giant tree frog sculpture is large enough at nearly three feet long to spot from a distance! Considered one of the most striking and beautiful frogs in the United States, our replica is cast in quality designer resin reinforced with fiberglass for strength to capture details including his brightly bulging eyes. Hand-painted in garden-bright hues, our toad statue is an easy garden and pond focal point. This display-quality frog statue transforms any home, garden, restaurant or hotel into something truly brilliant! Great for photo ops!

Abigail's Bountiful Apron Sculpture

Create a unique garden accent with this playful little girl birdbath!

Bedecked in her dress-up finery, Abigail, our Victorian miss, opens her apron to welcome your flower petals, rainwater or feathered friends. From dimpled cheek to curly locks, is cast in quality designer resin for beautiful display in home or garden.

God's Messenger Cherub with Bird Angel Statue

The feathered wings of this sweet guardian angel statue meet to create a unique spot to cradle birdseed, small flowers or drinking water for your neighborhood feathered friends. Add this collectible cherub statue to your outdoor garden decor as awesome garden decoration in any season. Our baby angel garden statue serves as both heavenly outdoor yard art and a wonderful thoughtful gift. 

The Holy Family Sculptures

This inventive and touching devotional work combines the elegance, sophistication, and tradition of 15th-century style with an endlessly mystical portrayal of Mary, Joseph, and the Christ Child. Sculpted by contemporary artist Carlo Bronti, who trained in the classic statuary carving arts of Pietrasanta, it is cast in quality designer resin. It is a contemplative piece for your home or garden.

Jesus Loves the Little Children Garden Sculpture: The Smiling Christ Statue

Celebrate children with contemporary sculptor Bronti's timeless image of Jesus smiling and welcoming the little ones. Knowing that Jesus taught that the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. Also known as "The Smiling Christ Statue," Bronti created his over two-foot-high sculpt to honor one of the most joyful aspects of Christ s ministry. Sculpted to be admired from any angle, this religious statue is cast in quality designer resin with an antique stone finish for display in home or garden gallery.

Lioness of Namibia Statue

Transform your home or garden into an exotic paradise with our regal lioness, known the world over as the pinnacle of hunting prowess. Captured in quality designer resin and hand-painted in naturalistic tones, Lightfoots big cat sculpture will stretch languidly atop your mantel, garden shelf or outdoor tree branch. This sculpture includes two keyhole slots for secure attachment anywhere!

Mary Frances and her Feathered Friends Garden Girl Statue

Memories of children who gleefully feed birds will rush to mind when you spy this exquisitely detailed child sculpture. Nearly three feet tall, Mary Frances, our life-size designer resin child, offers an arm rest to two eagerly waiting, weary birds. Crafted from designer resin and finished to replicate aged marble, this impressive child sculpture will be a focal point in home or garden.

Pondering Fairy of Essex Garden Statue

With delicate butterfly wings and a pensive pose, this inventive fairy statue alights from the rich imagination of artist Evelyn Myers Hartley! Ready to enchant at a moment's notice, this magical fairy sculpture is cast in quality designer resin and finished in faux stone to flit from home to garden.

Remembrance and Redemption Angel Sculpture: Medium

"Seeking to forget makes exile all the longer; 
the secret of redemption lies in remembrance.”
—Richard von Weizsaecker (b. 1920)

In the exquisite sculptural style of the mid-18th century masters, artist Jaimy has captured every angelic detail of this powerfully emotional angel, from her elegant wings to her impressively muscular form. With three sizes from which to choose, this fine memorial sculpt is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted one piece at a time to enhance every sculptural detail. Our garden angel showcases emotion often challenging to capture in a sculpture and is an investment in spiritual art sure to be the focal point of any home or garden setting.

Testing the Waters Cherub Sculpture

With a toe poised toward the pond, we learn that even cherubs find it difficult to resist temptation! This classically inspired baby angel statue features a cherub atop a mollusk shell fraught with detail from tiny angel wings to dimpled cherub knees. Our angel figurine is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted one piece at a time for spa, pond or garden.

Black Bear Cubs Up a Tree Statue

Our cuddly and adorable black bear cubs go out on a limb to welcome your guests! Our furry fellows show their penchant for climbing as they stretch into a four-foot-tall sculpture that's perfect whether flanking front door or back deck. Expertly sculpted from their characteristically pert ears to their oversized paws, this amazing trio is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted to show off every realistic detail.

Stalking the Savannah Cheetah Statue

You'll add an instantly exotic flair when our sleek cheetah garden statue pushes off muscular haunches to spring into your garden. Four foot high and full of drama, this big cat statue is sculpted with pert ears and arched tail for balance, then cast in quality designer resin and hand painted with characteristic golden coat with ebony spots. A full 4 feet high, the world's fastest land animal has been captured!

"Unbridled Power" Equestrian Horse Statue: Grande

Rearing back as a striking horse silhouette showcasing the power of muscular rear legs, the unbridled power of this wild stallion becomes one of the most impressively elegant equine sculptural works of art in recent memory. Since Renaissance times, the measure of an artist's talent was measured by the ability to sculpt a heroic equestrian statue with flying mane, and this signature sculpt for outdoor garden or gallery succeeds masterfully! Cast in quality designer resin reinforced with fiberglass for strength, each impressively-sized sculpt, boasts a faux stone finish to rival museum originals.

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil Monkeys Grand-Scale Statue

The "three truths of man" are now as large as life! As a garden centerpiece or an office statement, our playful primates are serious when they proclaim "no monkey business!" Our life-size, nearly four-foot-tall monkey sculpture classic is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in natural tones.

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